Courses in the Buteyko Breathing Method

A natural way towards healthy breathing

I teach people how to breathe with more ease.

Chances are you are here because you want breathe better and be healthy. Maybe you suffer from asthma, breathlessness, sleep apnoea, anxiety or any other breathing-related disorder. 

You've come to an awareness that things aren't quite right, and you are ready to explore a natural way to improve your health and your breathing. 

You wish you could be healthy, sleep well, have energy and be free of symptoms. You no longer want to depend on medication. You want to get rid of your anxiety and feel calm again.


The Buteyko Breathing Method can give you the means to breathe easily and help you alleviate your symptoms.


As you start to learn how to breathe correctly, improvements in health and reduction of symptoms can begin to take place, often immediately. 


We see vast improvements in conditions such as:

  • Asthma

  • Sleep problems, such as: snoring, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Low energy and diminished libido

  • Circulation problems

  • Rhinitis

  • Digestive problems

  • Allergies

  • Breathlessness


My health has improved enormously

I don’t have sneezing fits anymore.

Phlegm and other symptoms that I've had for a long time have all improved.

— Kenny (Venezuela)



Online Course

Learn the Buteyko Breathing Method in the "Breathe Well, Sleep Well, Be Well" eCourse.


Personal Coaching

Learn the Buteyko Breathing Method with Maggie Cowan-Hughes in one-to-one coaching sessions (via Zoom).


I stopped using the CPAP machine

I used the CPAP machine (machine for sleep apnoea) for about five years. I now find that I'm sleeping better and longer. I’ve also got relief from restless leg syndrome.


I would recommend Buteyko Breathing for anyone who feels they have problems with breathing and wants to breathe better.

— Bob (US)


Meet Maggie Cowan-Hughes

Buteyko Breathing Method Instructor and
Oxygen Advantage® Instructor

My asthma was diagnosed at two years of age and I suffered until the Buteyko Breathing Method gave me the means to control and stop the symptoms.


Not being able to breathe has to be the worst thing a person can experience. I tried many ways to find a solution but nothing got to the cause of my breathing problems like this did.


In only four days I learned to breathe with my mouth closed.

It has helped me a lot: to do gymnastics and at night time. Now, I am more relaxed.

I don’t snore anymore. No more apnoea.

— Antonela (Argentina)

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