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Breathing Method

a natural way towards healthy breathing


I'm more calm and a lot less stressed.

I got my life back on track."


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There is a way to breathe that sustains health.

Many of us don't know that we breathe badly and we're unaware of the far-reaching effects of poor breathing  habits.


For example, it's common to over-breathe. That is, inhaling more air than is needed for what we are doing at the time. Surprisingly, a big breath doesn't mean that more oxygen actually gets to the cells of the body. It may be fine to breathe big for a short exercise, but, otherwise, over-breathing upsets physiology and so creates problems.

Breathing through the mouth is so "normal" we don't notice and is generally accepted to be ok. We believe it doesn't matter whether we use the mouth or the nose for breathing. It really does matter! If we want fewer sports injuries, better sleep, more energy and fewer symptoms, nose breathing is Number One. Fortunately, it is usually quick to re-instate, even when doing sports.


These two are the main breathing habits that get in the way of health and wellbeing. 


Studying the Buteyko Breathing Method is an eye-opener for most of us. It is scientifically based. It is simple to learn. It can be adapted to fit in with your particular lifestyle.


As you start to learn how to breathe correctly, improvements in health and reduction of symptoms can begin to take place, often immediately. 

We see vast improvements in conditions such as:


sleep problems: snoring, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia

anxiety and panic attacks

low energy

diminished libido

circulation problems


digestive problems



  • the theory and exercises of the Buteyko Breathing Method presented in an easy-to-read way

  • seven modules with up to eight lessons, including:

  • videos, audio recordings, texts to download and

  • study in your own time

  • individual attention by email

  • opportunity to book a private class to enhance your learning

Buteyko online course
  • one-to-one instruction covering the exercises and theory of the Buteyko Breathing Method

  • four live, individual classes to

  • identify what is needed, practise the exercises and work out how the techniques can be incorporated into your life

  • additional, prompt support by email

  • includes the complete online course 

Buteyko Breathing Method course
How will I learn to breathe well?


  • first, understand what "good breathing" means

  • become aware of how you are breathing now and 

  • what needs to change to improve your health

  • learn how to breathe efficiently by

  • practising a series of simple exercises and  

  • adapting the exercises and ideas for your own lifestyle


in order to

  • enjoy good health

  • sleep better and

  • have more energy.


The course for me was super complete, we people with breathing problems need these tools, it’s awful to feel there is no air and with this course I began to see there is another way to resolve this aside from medication.

Melisa, Argentina