Maggie Cowan-Hughes trained to be an Oxygen Advantage® instructor in 2018 with Patrick McKeown. She trained to teach the Buteyko Breathing Method with Patrick's Buteykoclinic Int. in 2012.

Maggie teaches online courses in Spanish and English. 

She is also happy to give talks to teams and groups about the tremendous advantages to be gained from learning to breathe exceptionally well.

Maggie has been teaching breath work internationally for over eight years. Her teaching has helped hundreds of people to overcome sleep problems, get relief from anxiety, and address breathing pattern disorders such as asthma and rhinitis.

Oxygen Advantage® Instructor

Buteyko Breathing Method Instructor

BBEA, Buteykoclinic Int., Oxygen Advantage®

“The Oxygen Advantage® is powerful, groundbreaking and accessible. We see improvement in performance and general health within weeks, if not days. 

My passion is in guiding people of any age, ability or background to breathe so well they are at their best in the activity they love. 

It is thrilling to be teaching the dynamic Oxygen Advantage® programme to sports people as well as to anyone who wants to be as fit as they can be.

"Patrick McKeown's work transformed my life as a chronic asthmatic back in 2012 with the Buteyko Breathing Method. 

The Oxygen Advantage® is an extremely exciting development which is helping tons of people to thrive in their chosen sport and in life as a whole.”

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