Maggie Cowan-Hughes Buteyko Instructor

Maggie Cowan-Hughes

Oxygen Advantage® and

Buteyko Breathing Method Instructor

Reg: BBEA, Buteykoclinic Int.,
Oxygen Advantage®

My aim is to guide people of any age, ability or background through careful listening and coaching to help them to breathe so well they are at their best in the activity they love and the full life they want to lead. 


Patrick McKeown's teaching transformed my own life as a chronic asthmatic back in 2012 with the Buteyko Breathing Method. I now use my vast experience in teaching and therapy to help others.

It is thrilling to be combining  the dynamic Oxygen Advantage® programme with Buteyko Breathing. I teach anyone who wants to be as well and fit as they can be.

The Importance of Good Breathing

Breathing is something which happens without our having to think about it. We can also work with breathing, like in a yoga, fitness training or meditation session. 

Buteyko is about how we breathe all of the time, not only in a class or exercise: everyday breathing and how we breathe during sleep. It's about learning to breathe efficiently. 25,000 breaths each day: so many to do well ... or badly.

Breathing affects the whole of the body and the mind, too. When we breathe badly, the whole of us is affected. Breathing is the most basic function and yet most of us know little about how do it in a healthy way.

Quiet, soft, deep, less 

In and out through the nose 

This is good everyday breathing

I will teach you why it is important and how to get there.

I used to get breathless a lot. Not any longer!

"I didn't realise what a mouth breather I was and the impact it was having on me.

Buteyko has changed my life and still is. Breathing through the nose keeps my energy on the inside and I feel so much more energised than I have in a long time. I'm 47 and was starting to feel like I was ageing. Not any more! I feel young again!

I'm also sleeping much better and have seen an improvement in my gum health.

I am super grateful to Maggie and totally recommend her and this way of breathing. It will change your life and take years off you!" Steph (UK)