The Buteyko Breathing Method

  • Breathing well is basic to health and most of us just don't know how to breathe well.
  • The Buteyko Breathing Method gives you the means to breathe easily, thereby:
  • helping to alleviate the symptoms of asthma, allergies, anxiety, sleep problems, tiredness and many, many other conditions related to inefficient breathing.
  • Scientifically based and proven. Developed by a renowned medical doctor.


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There is a way to breathe that sustains health. Many of us don't know that we breathe badly and we are not aware of the far-reaching effects of poor breathing habits.

Over-breathing, taking in more air than we need, is very common and causes illness. Breathing through the mouth does not make us healthy either. These are two of the main breathing habits that may be interfering with your health and wellbeing. We address them with the Buteyko Breathing Method.

We think that taking big breaths of air fills our bodies with oxygen. We also think that it doesn't matter whether we use the mouth or the nose for breathing. Medical science does not support either of these commonly-held beliefs.  In fact, there are quite a few misconceptions about breathing. Studying the Buteyko Breathing Method is an eye-opener for most of us.

As you start to learn how to breathe correctly, improvements in health and reduction of symptoms can begin to take place, often immediately. 

We see vast improvements in conditions such as:

  • asthma
  • sleep problems such as snoring, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia
  • anxiety
  • low energy and diminished libido
  • circulation problems
  • rhinitis
  • allergies

Every system of the body, every function: all of us, mind and body, is affected by the way we breathe. We breathe without thinking about it. Learning to breathe well may be the most important thing you have ever learned to do.