Personal Coaching in Buteyko

In only 4 one-to-one coaching sessions, you could learn to change your breathing habits. 


You also have the e-course included in this plan to back up your private classes with the course material of videos, audio recordings and explanation of the theory and exercises.

As you start to learn how to breathe correctly, improvements in health and reduction of symptoms can begin to take place, often immediately. 


Imagine how it would be:

  • To breathe more easily

  • To wake up full of energy after a great night's sleep

  • To get on with your day without struggling for air

  • To enjoy the scent of flowers in spring - with no more allergies!

  • To welcome the winter months, knowing that cold air no longer affects you

Wouldn't it be amazing to be so incredibly healthy?

At last, you've found a path that is scientifically proven to improve the way in which you breathe and sleep.


The symptoms of asthma quickly disappeared.

Maggie started me off with a tool of which I was never aware, to learn to breathe, and once I could introduce the method in my daily life the symptoms of asthma quickly disappeared. It's incredible that this method, which is the definitive cure of this chronic illness, is not known in the world.  She is, in addition, an excellent facilitator of the method and with much commitment and care she clearly transmits the information necessary.  I haven’t had back a single crisis since I learnt to be aware of my breathing.

— Monica (Nicaragua)

Why Buteyko Breathing?

There is a way to breathe that sustains health.


Many of us don't know that we breathe badly and we are not aware of the far-reaching effects of poor breathing habits.

Over-breathing, taking in more air than we need, is very common and causes illness. Breathing through the mouth does not make us healthy either.


These are two of the main breathing habits that may be interfering with your health and wellbeing. We address them with the Buteyko Breathing Method.

Many people believe that taking in big breaths of air fills the body with oxygen. Also, many think that it doesn't matter whether we use the mouth or the nose for breathing. Medical science does not support either of these commonly-held beliefs.  In fact, there are quite a few misconceptions about breathing.


Studying the Buteyko Breathing Method is an eye-opener for most of us.

Dr. Buteyko's life's work developed from that moment he discovered the connection between hyperventilation and illness. The more sick we are, the stronger we breathe. What comes first? The illness or the heavy breathing? He discovered that by normalising breathing, correcting the volume of air we inhale, many illnesses may be relieved, and especially chronic illnesses.

The Buteyko Breathing Method is best known for helping asthmatics. In the majority of cases, people report they no longer suffer and no longer are in need of medication. Certainly, if breathing isn't right, nothing is going to work well. Poor breathing can affect any system and any function of the body. Of course it can also affect the mind.

Breathing is something which happens without our having to think about it. We can also work with breathing, like in a yoga, fitness training or meditation session. 

Buteyko is about how we breathe all of the time, not only in a class or exercise: everyday breathing and how we breathe during sleep. It's about learning to breathe efficiently. 25,000 breaths each day: so many to do well... or badly.

Breathing affects the whole of the body and the mind, too.


When we breathe badly, the whole of us is affected. Breathing is the most basic function and yet most of us know little about how do it in a healthy way.​

Quiet, soft, deep, less, 

in and out through the nose

- this is good breathing

​I will teach you why it is important and how to get there.  Course details here.


I used to get breathless a lot. Not any longer!

I didn’t realize what a mouth breather I was and the impact it was having on me.


Buteyko has changed my life and still is. Breathing through the nose keeps my energy on the inside and I feel so much more energized than I have in a long time. I’m 47 and was starting to feel like I was aging. Not any more! I feel young again!


I’m also sleeping much better and have seen an improvement in my gum health.

I am super grateful to Maggie and totally recommend her and this way of breathing.

It will change your life and take years off you!

— Steph (UK)

Buteyko Breathing Coaching

Personal coaching in the Buteyko Breathing Method is a course of four sessions of individual coaching by Zoom and includes the complete online course.

You'll get:​

  • One-to-one instruction in the exercises and theory of the Buteyko Breathing Method

  • Four 60-minute live, individual classes (via Zoom) in which we identify what is needed, practise the exercises and work out how the techniques can be incorporated into your life (£240 value)

  • Additional, prompt support by email (£100 value)

  • The complete "Breathe Well, Sleep Well, Be Well" online course with easy-to-read information, videos of the exercises and audio recordings to download and follow at your own pace (£36 value)


In only four days I learned to breathe with my mouth closed.

It has helped me a lot: to do gymnastics and at night time. Now, I am more relaxed.

I don’t snore anymore. No more apnoea.

— Antonela (Argentina)

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